Garuda di Dadaku

Harga Kaos Dewasa (KaosTomat™)

Rp 70.000
Harga untuk Distributor Rp 49.000
Harga untuk Agen Rp 52.500

Harga Kaos Balita (papananda™)
Rp 40.000
Harga untuk distributor Rp 30.500
Harga untuk Agen Rp 32.500

Persyaratan Distributor:
Pengambilan / transaksi di awal 10 juta
Persyaratan Agen
Pengambilan / transaksi di awal 2 juta

Size: standart Nasional, standart yg besar bukan jungkies kecil:

lebar x tinggi
s 44 x 64
m 50 x 67
L  53 x 70
xL 57 x 74
xxL 62 x 80

Wahyu Liz Adaideaja

Kantor Pusat Adaideaja Tbk (Tukang bikin kaos)
Madu Asri Blok C 46
Colomadu, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57175
(0271) 925-6862 / 0815-7874-1797


This is an e-mail from Adaideaja Tbk intended solely for the named addresse(s). It is confidential and may contain legally privileged information. Therefore, any unauthorized use, disclosure or copying of this information is strictly prohibited.
Adaideaja Tbk does not accept liability for any email loss or files damage.


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